Antena 3 and Q2M, partners with Microsoft Romania

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News website launched a special version, redraw with HTML5 and CSS3. With a fresh design and a more aired structure, functions like a web apps that simplifies the navigation steps between the editorial sections of the website and the articles in them.

The project was developed for Internet Explorer 9 by Antena 3, with support from Q2M and Intact Interactive.

The launch is an event of interest for the internet users in Romania, that have now the possibility to access digital content in a much more natural and intuitive way, using a last generation platform such as Internet Explorer 9

Tudor Galos

Windows Business Group Lead, Microsoft România.

Future belongs to communication, not to impersonal online advertising. A project like the one we just launched respects this trend and it would have been impoible to make without the understanding  of our partners from Microsoft and Antena3

Dragos Stanca

Managing Partner Q2M. lists out the editorial sections in colors, to be easier to differentiate, while the news and articles are showing a summary in pre-visualization windows, so the users can decide what is interesting for them. is the website of the TV station with the same name and is part of Intact Interactive’s (Intact Media Group) portfolio.