Rogalski Grigoriu PR, to be involved in Romanian Plastic Artists Association’s rebranding


Rogalski Grigoriu PR is the agency that will conceive and make communication strategies and programs for Romanian Plastic Artists Association (UAPdR). Soon, the agency will announce a rebranding campaign for the association and also a series of projects meant to reposition UAPdR in the actual cultural life.

The rebranding campaign will start at the end of July, with a national contest that will encourage all artists to create the new visual identity and slogan for UAPdR.

Through these efforts, UAPdR will aim to open up to young public in a way adapted to present’s needs.

Keeping its social component – to promote and fight for artists’ rights – UAPdR aims to become an important communication platform in the social and cultural context.

According to UAPdR’s president, to conceive and realize the communication strategies both inside the organization and with the large public, UAPdR chose Rogalski Grigoriu PR, that offers all the services that cover association’s needs .