Universal Studios International sues Romanian National Broadcaster for $11M


Universal Studios International, subsidiary of NBC Universal, sued Romanian national television company SRTv and is claiming $11 million in unpaid license fees for a number of films and television series, The Hollywood Reporter writes, quoted by Mediafax .

SRTv had signed a five year, nine month contract with Universal Studios International to broadcast films such as “8 Mile”, “About a Boy” and “Do the Right Thing”, and TV series such as “30 Rock” and “Battlestar Galactica” in Romania and the Republic of Moldova

TVR is accused of breach of contract, as Hollywood Reporter writes . When Universal complained earlier this year, TVR paid a small amount of the fees, but “not nearly enough,” according to studio officials . The suit was filed Tuesday in the Los Angeles Supreme Court by Universal Studios International, through law firm Caldwell Leslie & Proctor .

According to an official statement of TVR’s representatives, quoted by Paginademedia.ro, the responsibility for the contract belongs to the former officials of the Romanian National Broadcaster: “This contract, that started in 2004, contains very strict clauses for TVR, such as the obligation to buy serials as long as they are produced” .

The position of TVR also shows that one of the most costly financial engagements is the licensing movies one closed with NBC Universal .