Bitter Almonds and Friends for Friends Foundation organize Blue Blood Inspirational Series

Marketing, PR

Bitter Almonds and Friends For Friends Foundation are organizing “Blue Blood – inspirational series”, a set of events made for the ones that believe in idea’s aristocracy. The 1st edition of Blue Blood will take place from August 30th until September 1st, at Friends for Friends Foundation headquarters, starting 19.00.

Brand managers, marketing and communication people are invited to be present and participate to the presentations and dialogues Blue Blood, that will take place starting September

The most appreciated Cannes Lions 2011 seminaries will be a source of inspiration and networking pretext for Blue Blood’s guests. Each projection will be followed by a discussion on “What inspired me from Cannes Lions 2011” theme.

In the 3 projections evenings, 9 members of Romania’s delegation in Cannes will tell about their experiences in Cannes. Those meetings will end up with stories in the night, along with a glass of wine and loads of conversations.

Blue Blood evenings are about beautiful people that inspire and let themselves be inspired. It’s about people that want to do more, that aren’t happy with the present and want more from themselves for now and for the future. There are about friendships that grew up and were born in the context of empathy that only great ideas can generate. I do thank FFFF for the wonderful idea to make this partnership and I know for sure that the positive energy their space inspire will inspire all of us

Teo Migdalovici

Bitter Almonds

The projections selected to make happy Blue Blood guests will center on Susanna Kempe, Sir Ken Robinson and Sir John Hegarty.

Bitter Almonds is the agency that developed the communication platform for Cannes Lions Romania and The Alternative School for Creative Thinking.