Bogdan Apostol takes over Voxline Communication, replacing Dan Vartopeanu

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Starting September 1st, Dan Virtopeanu hands over Voxline Communication’s management to Bogdan Apostol, previously Business Development Manager.

The company is specialized in mobile marketing and interactive apps for mobile networks .

Virtopeanu leaves the company in order to pursue new opportunities. In the 8 years he headed Voxline Communication, Dan Virtopeanu coordinated over 200 mobile marketing campaigns (SMS push and pull, IVR, apps, advergames and mobile web) and implemented over 250 payment solutions through SMS and many interactive SMS si IVR apps

He also coordinated the launch of 2 games – and – is considered one of the people that founded and developed the Romanian mobile marketing industry .

After eight years in which I contributed, along with my colleagues, to creating two new market segments in Romania – mobile marketing and SMS payments, with Voxline being one of the important players in those sectors – I want to head towards new, more advanced and promising markets . My objective is to search and develop new opportunities in mobile marketing and gaming  (online & mobile) that I would be able to implement at international level

Dan Vîrtopeanu .

Voxline’s management will be taken over by Bogdan Apostol starting September 1st. Apostol works at Voxline Communication since 2003 and, as a Business Development Manager, handled the clients portfolio and the developing of new projects, both for internal and external clients .

Dan Virtopeanu has 23 years of experience in IT& ans was one of the pioneers of Romanian mobile marketing and micropayment .