Httpool digital network brought the main shares package in Splendid Media

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Regional digital marketing network Httpool Group took over the main shares package at Splendid Interactive, entering this way on the online sales house market in Romania. The movement was announced on Wednesday and, following it, Splendid Interactive will change its name in Httpool Romania.

Splendid Interactive represents around 70 websites, having among its clients of online and mobile advertising companies such as Vodafone, Romtelecom, Disney, TVR and Top Gear.

Until now, under Httpool Romania name activated the local media agency of Httpool digital network. The agency changed its name in H Media recently and expanded its activity reach.

Httpool Romania (Splendid Interactive) will be managed by Cristi Marinescu and Laurentiu Pop. Pop worked previously as Deputy General Director at H Media (ex-Httpool Romania), along with agency’s boss, Bianca Vlaston. H Media and Httpool Romania will continue their activities separately.

Splendid Interactive sales house was founded in 2006, as part of the group that also includes Splendid Media, managed by Catalin Sandulache and Radu Budes, writes Hotnews, that also mentions the agency’s management was insured by Cristi Marinescu.