Propaganda made the 1st campaign for Napolact’s cheese


Propaganda realized, for Napolact, the 1st campaign for brands’ range of cheese, that was launched on September 17th and presents to the public the assortments that were made in the natural cave from Taga: Nasal, Alpina, Alpina Afumată, Tarnava and Montana.

Following the same approach as before, Napolact uses a communication with accent on tradition and natural.

The story around campaign’s TV commercial presents a normal day of work in the factory from Taga: the 8 employees are preparing the cheese the way only they know how to and the cave is crowning their work with the help of the special natural conditions inside, which are constant temperature and humidity all year long and an unique bacteria that transforms the cheese in a speciality.

Normal and natural are 2 things always risky in advertising, especially when we talk about a Romanian product. It is a challenge I liked every time when I directed a Napolact ad. We didn’t look for folklore, we want the truth, we aimed higher each time, but without loosing the authenticity. The story was always important, the same as it is now, with Taga cave. A true story.

Catalin Mitulescu


Moreover, Napolact uses in this campaign also in-store activations and PR activities, a special website and a Facebook page, made together with Senior Interactive.

From FrieslandCampina Romania, in this campaign are involved Razvan Orbulescu – Marketing Director, Marian Chiraches – Group Brand Manager, Ionel Peres – Senior Brand Manager, Elena Oancea – Brand Manager, Mircea Badiu – Asistent Brand Manager and Vasile Buzan – Director Taga facility.

Propaganda’s team included Costin Milu – Deputy Creative Director, Silvia Dumitru – Art Director, Andrei Dragota – Copywriter, Vlad Bojan – Head of Design, Marcela Moldovan – AV Producer, Corina Iovan – Strategic Planner, Sonia Panait – Account Director, Claudia Cristutiu – Account Executive and Ioana Constantinescu – Account Executive.

The media for the campaign is handled by Universal McCann.

The TV ad was directed by Catalin Mitulescu, with Florentina Onea – producer and Strada Film as a production house.