Cap signs the campaign that makes sound good together Generali and Ardaf


Cap, Romanian advertising agency, realized the campaign that communicates the merger of Generali Romania and Ardaf, two companies specialized in insurances that will continue to activate under Generali brand.

The campaign, realized under “Orchestra” concert, communicates the merger of Generali Asigurari and Ardaf under Generali Romania umbrella. The campaign announces a multibrand strategy unique on insurances market, with Generali and Ardaf to follow their own path and communication strategy after this action.

The communication campaign focuses in promoting both brands, Generali and Ardaf, by accentuating the qualities that define them and that are completing each other.

The creative idea the campaign was realized on is “Orchestra”: same way as the musical instruments from different zones can combine in an ideal way to create a successful interpretation or composition, in the same way Generali and Ardaf, defined by different attributes, are completing each other to bring added value to the their clients.

We tried to identify the most suited creative concept that can mix attributes of each brand and transmit, in the end, to the consumer the idea that all these qualities, one next to the other, (…) are completing each other to bring benefits to the client

Daniela Dimitriu

Marketing & Communication Director Generali Romania


The campaign, with the main message “Generali and Ardaf <sound well> together”, will run for 6 weeks and uses as main communication channel TV and outdoor. The creative concept comes from Cap, while the media strategy and the planning & buying activities are handled by Media Direction (Graffiti BBDO Group Romania).

In developing the campaign were involved Daniela Dimitriu – Marketing and Communication Director and Anca Ştefănescu – Brand Manager from Generali Romania, while Cap was represented by a team including Raluca Feher – Creative Director, Arnold Estefan – Art Director, Cristina Purcarea – Client Service Director and Ileana Botez – Account Manager.