Romanian creatives to go to rehab, Cannes Rehab


The Alternative School for Creative Thinking and Cannes Lions Romania are launching, on October 6th, Cannes Rehab program, a camp for creatives’ mind, body and spirit with accent on Cannes Lions’ study experinces, an anticipation for the Eurobest Semester at The Alternative School for Creative Thinking.

The creative camp targeting everyone that cherishes the intelligent approach of the communication will take place in spaces offered by some of the most interesting advertising agencies of the moment and will last for one week.

Cannes Rehab public includes juniors-seniors aged max 32 years old, people that work both for the client or for agencies, that started early their professional life and want to align with the dynamics of the global trends, via Cannes Lions. At the event, there are also welcomed freelancers or master students in universities that have connections with marketing and communication.

We never preferred the comfort zone. That is why we will continue in the same study style that consecrated The Alternative School. That is why, at Cannes Rehab, we will have presentations from Cannes, we will make creative thinking exercises that can be applied in communication, but we will also have a meditation hours, we will learn aikido moves and we will discover what pigment, color and savor is in the creative cooking sessions

Teodora Migdalovici

The Alternative School founder

Cannes Rehab will be organized in two work sessions, in the morning and in the after-noon.

The mornings will be dedicated to aikido moves, meditation and working on real briefs, while the evenings will focus on creative cooking, exploring the solutions in briefs and projections with the most interesting seminaries in Cannes Lions 2011.

The speakers invited to Cannes Rehab are working in agencies that formed the Romanian delegation at Cannes Lions 2011.

The participation fee for Cannes Rehab is Euro 150, while participation to the Eurobest semester is Euro 300. The participants in Cannes Rehab that want to also attend The Alternative School / Eurobest semester will receive a discount. Also, the first 3 winners of Cannes Rehab competition will receive a scholarship for The Alternative School for Creative Thinking / Eurobest semester.

Cannes Rehab is a study event that anticipates the launch of the Eurobest semester. As every year, The Alternative School autumn semester will end with a competition after which the designated winners will participate to Eurobest / Lisabona, on November 28th-30th.

In the last 6 years, over 170 young people won the local competitions of The Alternative School and went to Cannes Lions, Eurobest and Dubai Lynx. The School won numerous awards during the last 6 years, among which Bronze in Young Lions Print, Mention to Young Marketers, 2 times Gold in Roger Hatchuel Academy, Order of Merit at Marketing Academic Challenge.