Kaleidoscope counted 30,000 visits in a week for “Counterfeited Cigarettes can include anything”

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Kaleidoscope counted 30,000 visits in just a week since launching the website for “Counterfeited Cigarettes can include anything” campaign, Fabricadecontrafacere.ro (www.fabricadecontrafacere.ro). The online communication platform made by Kaleidoscope for British American Tobbaco exposes in detail the problem of counterfeited cigarettes and is made up of couple shocking movies that are brutally illustrating the 3 main problems of cigarettes counterfeiting: production, depositing and transport that equally contribute to the bad quality of those cigarettes

The online campaign is a normal continuation of the ATL one, keeping the same realism note, but also adding an extra layer of interactivity and information. To catch public’s attention, we chose interactive video as a way of making it, because this was the way we were able to send a very powerful and impactfull message, involving also the user in the story. We realized the platform choosing a realistic style, 1st person, through which the user is discovering step by step the process used to counterfeit cigarettes, in asomber, dark and poor environment. What do we want the users to remember after experiencing the website? With a big alarm signal regarding the consumption of counterfeited cigarettes, that can have in their componence absolutely anything

Cristian Pantazi

Managing Director Kaleidoscope

In the same time, the public can find out, visiting the website, useful information on elements that show if a pack of smokes is genuine or not. The campaign is made for British American Tobacco by Kaleidoscope (digital communication), Graffiti BBDO (advertising) and Graffiti Public Relations (PR) and represents a reaction to the continuously increasing counterfeited cigarettes traffic. Kaleidoscope team involved in the project includes: Ioana Hurjui – Copywriter, Dan Petru – Art Director & Flash Development, Csaba Nacu – Art Director, Mihnea Belcin – Senior Programmer, Miruna Ocnarescu – Client Service Director, Alex Cofaru – Account Manager, Vlad Ciocan – Digital Marketing Manager and Lavinia Florea – Account Director Graffiti BBDO. British American Tobacco project team includes Valentin Canura – Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Manager and Adrian Popa – Head of Corporate Regulatory Affairs SE Europe Kaleidoscope is the digital creative agency of BBDO Romania and has a portfolio that includes clients such as Philips, Dacia, Bayer, Skittles, UNIQA or Pepsi.