TEBA announces partnership with Publica


Tom Peters’ bestseller “The Circle of Innovation” is launched in the context of an inspired partnership between TEBA (Trans European Business Academy) and the well-known publisher Publica.

Tom Peters’ book is a tool for the nowadays entrepreneur, a survival kit through the inconvenient escape from the comfort zone and the openness to reinventing oneself. In a time when companies measure time with the minute-hand of the crisis or that of the recession, Peters’ blueprint comes as a breath of fresh air and a fortunate change of tempo

Through the facts approached in “The Circle of Innovation”, Peters shows that hoping to succeed is in fact a guarantee as long as you are willing to reinvent yourself, envisioning the world’s expectations.

Containing multiple case studies and practical analyses which acknowledge that innovation is the actual drive of evolution, Peters’ publication is a profound reading. In the same time, the approach used by the author – funny, anecdotic, sometimes at ease, makes it a source of decoupling for business people.

Publica is a valuable publisher, which redefined the way in which the Romanian public seeks information about the business, marketing and communication field. The first project of our partnership – the launch of  “The Circle of Innovation” by Tom Peters – appeared as the most inspiring way of promoting the courses on innovation culture that TEBA is going to deliver this fall, along with Xavier Pavie and Herve Mathe, two professors as influential as Peters himself. We are convinced that the book will be equally successful in Romania as it has been in mature market economies and therefore we are inviting the influencers from the local business to explore the universe of the Trans European Business Academy along with the openness to innovation

Ilie Dragan

Board Member TEBA

TEBA – Trans European Business Academy – is an educational concept of the size of a professional MBA, especially designed for professionals from the business field who want to specialize, being thus in touch with the latest trends worldwide, but who lack time resources for study.

TEBA professors teach in some of the most prestigious university centers, such as ESSEC, Harvard or Kent and use a curriculum that is adapted to the contemporary pace of assimilating information. During short term training sessions (2 to 4 days), they facilitate the development of students through complex case studies, as well as a series of practical elements applicable in everyday activities.

Publica – Flat or curved, the world in which we live today is continuously changing. That is why Publica identifies and promotes the books that make a difference. Professional excellence and vision are the common denominator of the published authors, who are either professors or practitioners. Regardless the field of activity or the industry that we work in, a new idea will always have a decisive impact on the way we act. The books published by Publica are an invitation to discover those innovative ideas that have significantly shaped the present world.