IAA Young Professionals and BCR launch CompetitIAA

Creativity, Marketing

IAA Young Professionals  and BCR launch CompetitIAA, offering the students that are fans of Marketing & Communication the chance to start their career as communicators working for a super-client, Romanian BCR bank.

The students must make their own 1st agency and to participate to their 1st pitch. Same as the big agencies, they will have to get over a preliminary stage, in which they must convince the jury that their agency deserves to enter the final stage. In the second stage, the finalist teams will receive a brief and will have to present their strategies in front of the client.

Students are extremely creative and eager to make important things. We think they must have the chance to use their creativity and enthusiasm while they are also learning what it means to build up their own business. They must prove that they have courage and entrepreneurial spirit, and we bring them the mega-client to the meeting table. Moreover, we offer them trainings and continuous support. We want that all the people involved in this competition, including in the pre-selection phase, to have something to learn about what it means to work in communication

Nicoleta Deliu

President IAA Young Professionals Romania

To enter the competition, the students must enter the dedicated website and to follow the steps mentioned there.

We know from our experience that the 1st clients is the hardest to win. If we are talking about a mega-client, as it is BCR, it is even harder. This competition offers to students the chance to accumulate a sensational portfolio and to be paid while they are doing this. Moreover, they have the chance to complete their academic studies with the real experience of an agency that works with a big client

Claudiu Petria

Member IAA YP / Project Manager CompetitIAA

Until November 30th, the students must make a 3-5 people team and to fill in the participation form. On December 5th, all the enlisted groups will have a meeting with one of the most known Romanian m
arketing and communication people, that will offer them feedback on the form and will answer their questions. On the same occasion, the finalist teams will be announced.

The finalist mini-agencies will benefit of a communication training, adapted to their needs and knowledge. The final presentation will be on December 15th and the winning team, that will work in the following couple months with BCR, will be announced on December 16th.

IAA Young Professionals is a program of International Advertising Association that reunites young professionals under 30 years old or students in the final years, that have all in common the passion for marketing and communication.