Garanti Bank and Oxygen, in campaign to protect animals from virgin forests close to Brasov


Oxygen PR and Garanti Bank made together a campaign in which they are appealing to Romanians to make them  conscient that animals from Sincii virgin forests (next to Brasov) need their habitat to be protected.

“Every buy you make helps us to save together the virgin forests from Sincii” is the key message of the campaign made by  Garanti Bank for Bonus Card WWF, that ran from November 28th to January 3rd.

The objective of the campaign made by Oxygen for the bank is to gather funding to support WWF Romania’s initiative to obtain total protection for Sincii Forests, one of the the last European virgin forests.

In social media, the campaign was promoted on the official Garanti Bank Facebook page, through an app that allowed fans to send Christmas cards to their friends. The cards had as protagonists different species of animals that live in the forest. In the same time, on bank’s official YouTube channel, animals spoke through a series of 3 movies and plead for their cause. The campaign was also supported by Romanian bloggers such as Cristina Bazavan and Cabral.

Also, Garanti Bank campaign was promoted through an unconventional execution in the latest number of the Romanian innovative magazine Decat O Revista (Only A Magazine), through a technique used for the 1st time in the Romanian written press.

The campaign was also declined through web banners, covering a range of websites.

During the campaign, the 1st 350 new WWF Bonus Card owners will receive for adoption a WWF Teddy bear, together with a certificate that shows the supporter status for Sincii forests.

When the users activate their  WWF Bonus Card, Garanti Bankwill donate in their name RON 90 (@Euro 20) to WWF Romania, to support the efforts of protecting Sincii forests.

Making the campaign “Every buy you make helps us to save together the virgin forests from Sincii”  was a dare for all the involved parties – Garanti Bank, WWF Romania, Oxygen – because it was very important for the public to understand exactly how can it lend a helping hand to the nature and, in the same time, to support one of the Bank’s products. WWF Bonus Card is the only eco card in Romania and one of the few products that can be used to directly support an environmental cause, so the concept aimed to create an association between the card and the cause. This is how the animals from Sincii forests appeared and “spoke” about WWF Bonus Card that can protect their home, next to the forests made out of emossed numbers

Raluca Teodorescu

Account Manager Oxygen

The team that worked on the  WWF Bonus card campaign for  Garanti Bank included Ionuț Popescu – Group Creative Director, Ionica Dogaru – Art Director, Alex Manciu – Copywriter, Eugen Galbinașu – Copywriter, Maria Ionescu – Copywriter, Oana Manta – Web Designer, Florin Oprea – Web Developer, Mihai Marin – Flash Designer, Andrei Stoica – Senior DTP, Raluca Teodorescu – Account Manager and Daniela Stefanescu – Social Media Specialist.

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