the Syndicate builds Laptaru’ Ghita, a new Romanian dairy brand

Branding, Creativity

The Syndicate started working, in September 2011, with a new Romanian dairy brand, Laptaru’ Ghita, with the most important task being the relevant and attractive positioning of the brand on a very crowded market. Laptaru’ Ghita was born as a statement and message from a brand 100% Romanian. The product will start be present on everyone’s tables starting April 2012.

Away from a traditionalistic image, the Syndicate conceived a fresh image, actual and extremly generous for the future communications. All those aspects are found in the packaging made by the agency for all range’s products.

Laptaru’ Ghita is a quality brand, “unaltered” by market’s influences, that promises 100% natural products, prepared exclusively on Romanian recipes. Brand’s image had to be on the same level and when its values started to shape up, we saw the appearance of a new concept, that we embraced: advertising with milk (…)

Vali Vernea

Head of Trade Marketing the Syndicate


the Syndicate team working on the project included Vali Vernea – Head of Trade Marketing, Florin Olingheru – Art Director and Adriana Olariu – Copywriter. The agency worked with client’s team, from Allevo Distribution, that included George Chirica, Magdalena Balaceanu and Octavian Anania.