Community BrandTailors launched a new corporate website for Albalact


Community BrandTailors – division of digital branding consultancy and digital brand content in Romania – launched the new corporate website for Romanian dairy producer Albalact.

The new website aims to build a corporate image for the company over the internet. The website takes in consideration all stakeholders categories and offers major interest info for investors and distributors. Moreover, the website also has a press section where journalists have access to an extended archive of company’s corporate press releases and of the news regarding Albalact’s activity.

The newly launched website includes info regarding the history and the vision of the company, but also details on management team. Also, the website presents to final consumers the entire product portfolio commercialized by Albalact via its 4 brands: Fulga, Zuzu, DeAlbalact and Raraul.

Graphically, the website respects the paradigm of the corporate websites: limited chromatic palet and carefully chosen contrast in order to focus on available info.

Community BrandTailors team working on the project included Beatrice Danis, Ionut Militaru – ex- Account Executive and  Monica Dumitriu – ex  Brand Consultant – strategical approach, Alina Cranga and Ionut Militaru – PMs, Mihai Vulpie – ex- Brand Designer – graphical concept and  web design.