The Alternative School launches Young Marketers Creative Academy competition

Creativity, Marketing

The Alternative School for Creative Thinking launches  Young Marketers Creative Academy competition, that will take place during school’s Cannes Semester and will include solving semester briefs and a 24-hours contest. Each competitor will receive a mark (obtained from both brief solving and contest) and the front runners will be interviewed in order to select the winners.

Cannes Creative Academy for Young Marketers is an intensive one week program, dedicated to young professionals, aged maximul 30 years old, that work for clients for at least 3 years and that want to find out more about creativity. The program takes place during Cannes Lions, on June 17-23.

The program focuses on the importance that creativity has in communication and it is the best opportunity for a young client to create a full view over the work he does on daily basis and to get new perspectives from marketing industry’s leaders.

For Cannes selection and participate to Young Marketers Academy,  The Alternative School opened the entry period for young people such as advertising managers, brand managers, business development managers, communications managers, marketing managers, media managers and sales managers.

The fee to participate to Cannes Creative Academy for Young Marketers is Euro 1,499 plus VAT. As every year in the last 7 years, this fee will be paid by The Alternative School and its partners and sponsors.

During Cannes Lions, Academiei Young Marketers students are attending an intensive program on themes such as creativity’s importance in nowaday brands success, creativity efficience, digital impact in brand management process, modern brand, managing the creative process and the agency-client relationship, creative leadership, presentations from winners at Gold and Titanium Lions. The program will also include access to the most interesting seminaries of the festival.

Jim Stengel is the dean of the Academy and the one that administrates the classes for Young Marketers Academy participants. Jim Stengel is former Global Marketing Officer P&G and teaches at  UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Dedicated to the best in Romanian marcom, The Alternative School for Creative Thinking was, during the last 7 years, the educational incubator and the one that offered top specialization chances to over 180 young people that, today, work in top companies.

Among the teachers that will coordinate marketing, brand management and strategy classes there are  Stefan Teodorescu – Sab Miller, Ionela Nicolau – Walmark, Alina Constantinescu – Nestle and Mihai Scortea – Lavazza.