Ciprian Badalan promoted Senior Designer at Brandient


Ciprian Badalan was promoted Senior Designer at Brandient, being the youngest designer so far to take this position, according to a Brandient press release.

Brandient promoted Ciprian Badalan after he has been for four years with the company.

His early passion for design lead to an art education, by attending the Arts High School and subsequently graduating the Design and Decorative Arts College at the University of the Arts “George Enescu” Iasi.

After a few good years as art director in advertising agencies in Bucharest—and a Silver Effie as a memento—he joined Brandient in 2008 as Designer and has contributed to many award-winning identity projects, most recently for Bitfdefender and Solaris.

Good brand designers are defined mainly by the accumulation of knowledge—the volume of cases, industries, and situations solved—that’s why it takes a long time to reach seniority. Ciprian is one of the rare exceptions to the rule—at only 31 he proves remarkable expertise in dealing with large-scale projects. That makes him an outstanding designer and one of Brandient’s key people

Cristian ‘Kit’ Paul

Creative Partner Brandient

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