Graffers took over a Bucharest subway train, in an urban art project for Water’s Day

Guerilla, OOH / DOOH, PR

Romanian graffers transformed a Bucharest old subway train in urban art, in an urban art project for Water’s Day. The project was initiated by Apa Nova Bucharest, in partnership with Bucharest City Hall, Metrorex (that administrates Bucharest subway) and UN Informations Center.

According to Romanian press, 8 graffers from different Romanian town come together and used their sprays and paints to send a common message on International Water Day, on March 22nd. They painted an old subway train with 6 wagons, that was afterwords used on the M3 line (that links the west part of Bucharest with the eastern one).

The painted train was decorated with images related to abundance or lack of water. According to Episica Chiru, Deputy Director Apa Nova, the painted train will circulate for 30 days.

The initiative aims to make Bucharest inhabitants realize the importance of water resources.

Liked or disliked by subway travelers, the graffiti train already made an impression on them.

The Romanian agency “guilty” for this project is GMP PR.  Images and videos of graffiti train invaded the Romanian internet and Facebook.