Romanian celebrities served KFC clients, in a World Vision fund-raising campaign


Cabral, Roxana Ciuhulescu, Andreea Ibacka and Madalina Draghici served for couple hours the clients of a KFC restaurant in Bucharest. Their involvement is part of World Vision Romania’s fund-raising campaign that aims to buy a micro-bus to help children from a north-eastern Romanian rural area to get to school.

For couple hours, the 4 celebrities encouraged KFC clients to help gather the necessary funds to buy at least one micro-bus to transport to school around 150 children from Rebricea (Vaslui county).

The fund-raising campaign “How do I get to school?” was initiated by World Vision Romania and supported by  KFC and Pizza Hut.

“How do I get to school?” is the 3rd fund-raising campaign made by World Vision Romania and supported by KFC and Pizza Hut. Each October, the 2 chains are running the campaign “I want to get to 9th grade”, that aims to help poor children to continue their education by attending high-school. Also, in July and August 2011, KFC and Pizza Hut supported “Good Mothers, healthy children” fund-raising campaign.

The agencies involved in this campaign are Rogalski-Grigoriu and AdBrain.