Evensys – 6 years on Romanian specialized events market

Branding, Events

Evensys celebrated, on Wednesday, six years since it started its activity on Romanian events markets.

Since it entered the market, Evensys organized numerous events, it adapted continuously to maket’s demands and, in short time, challenged and surpassed events organizers with tradition. The company open the events drive on new segments and supported many industries and niche sectors, being also, through its events, a provider of importand resources and valuable and a perfect place for meeting and networking.

“We have a nice history. We started in a moment when there were few players to have an events portfolio, from a challenger position, and we grew to have the riches agenda on the market (…) I consider Evensys a pioneer in events. We were always a leader and never a follower. We stay independent because we wanted to make the things our way and to enjoy what we are doing. We were opened and we never had a hidden agenda. Our door was always opened and we had a good relation with all people that have common sense in marketing and communication community”, Cristian Manafu, founder Evensys, writes on his blog.

Evensys organizes different types of events, grouped as it follows: Marketing & Communication, New Media & InternetRetail Events, Legal & Taxation, Real Estate & Investment and Human Resources.

Evensys is a planning company specialized in organizing business events aimed at providing interactive, insightful information and analysis about issues facing businesses today in Romania as well as in Central & Eastern Europe. It is responsible for the planning, program conception, promotion, creative services, delegate care, registration management and hosting of almost 20 major forums, conferences, seminars and networking meetings that take place, every year, in Romania.