2Parale launched Fashion Affiliate Challenge

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Romanians that are buying online are spending bigger budgets for clothes and shoes, including for brand products, that are usually more expensive. According to 2Parale, transactions over RON 400 (@Euro 100) increased by 25% compared to last year.

Taking that in consideration, 2Parale launched Fashion Affiliate Challenge, that offers to network’s fashion affiliates the possibility to win over Euro 7,250. The affiliates that will generate most approved sales until June 15th will receive one of the 3 money prizes and bonuses. The affiliate with best performances will also get Euro 1,000 from 3 Suisses and 20% of the sales commissions between July-September 2012.

Also, during the Challenge, there will also be awarded prizes for the 1st to reach different sales milestones.

The launch of the challenge came as fashion is one of the fastest growing segments this year on e-commerce market. The diversity of products, online stores developments on retour policies and facilities managed to surpass most of the impediments on online clothes acquisition. Between January-April, fashion sales via 2Parale increased 11.6%, compared to the same period of last year, with March being the best month for this segment.

The biggest amount spent for just one clothes order was Euro 1,000 and was made in a 3 Suisses campaign. Also, due to the increased interest for online clothes shopping, the medium value per transaction increased to RON 185 from RON 177 last year.

Fashion products are best sold on Thursdays and Fridays, with most orders at noon and after 22.00.