Thinkdigital Romania and Q2M to join forces starting July 1st

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Thinkdigital Romania and Q2M announced, during 2nd day of RoNewMedia – ICEE Festival, forming a strategic partnership on Romanian market.

According to the partnership agreement, the 2 companies will join forces starting July 1st, with the purpose of creating an unique entity for media digital sales, that will bring together Q2M’s local expertise and influence and the international power and audiences covered by Thinkdigital network.

This partnership marks an important moment in the maturation of the digital advertising market. For the advertising players, this partnership represents an acceleration of the rhythm and an increase of digital innovation by combining strong points, resources and complementary assets of both companies in a valuable partnership, of a size that will make affordable important digital marketing projects


Odysseas Ntotsikas

Founder & Managing Director  Thinkdigital

Thinkdigital Romania was known on the market, since 2008, as an innovative company in advertising technology, that brought on Romanian market unique services such as Thinkdigital International Network, Mediamind, Windows Live Messenger and, most recently, Facebook and Skype. With this partnership, we are pressing the acceleration pedal to help Romanian industry players to fully realize the potential of digital marketing, on local and international scale.

Adrian Stanescu

Managing Partner Thinkdigital Romania

We reached to the point of developing our businesses to the point where regional and international coverage is essential to reach to the next level of development. Our portfolio, the local knowledge, together with the international portfolio offered by our new international partners from Thinkdigital, with Facebook and Skype as front runners, will create an unique mix for advertisers, media agencies and clients. Starting July 1st, the force of Q2M –  Thinkdigital partnerships will create the largest Romanian advertising network, in a market where consolidation is vital.

Dragos Stanca

Founder & Managing Partner Q2M