1st Romanian Digital Art festival in Romania returns; Atelierul de Print & McCann Erickson organize the 2nd edition


Starting June 14th, Atelierul de Print & McCann Erickson are organizing the second edition of Print Art Fest (PAF!), in McCann Erickson’s Garage.

Print Art Fest (PAF!) is the 1st festival of digital art in Romania, an event that aims towards all innovative art forms that are using digital to express creativity. This year’s festival theme is manifesto against Kitsch, banality and image populism in art.

If Jeff Koons had an exhibition at Versailles, we thought we should try McCann’s Garage. Seriously speaking, I think is more and more difficult to accept the artistic challenges, no matter on what plan the artistic effort is. I think more and more of us became tolerant to  kitsch. And I am not surprised. Many of us grew up with a glass fish on top of a TV protected with a cloth that was slightly block the screen. Or with a ballerina stopped from her pirouette, the famous “Kidnap from Harem”, fishermen and different sizes porcelain dogs and, more recent, with statuetes characters used, on top of all, also as a decor piece. The line between art and non-art is thinner and thinner and I whink we will need to know what really is a Kitsch to recognize it and step aside from it.And, to stay in McCann’s garage, I think it is the moment to find out if “we are many or remained just a few”.

Ionuţ Cojocaru aka Lutzu

Art Director McCann Erickson

Founder Atelierul de Print

Among the artists that will be present at the event are Allan Dalla, Alexandra Albu, Silviu Andrisoi, Ana Andronic, Barnes, Carioca Studio, Ben Heine, Paul Hitter, Bogdan Moraru, Vali Petridean and Ghica Popa.

The good music is a must have ingredient, so the melodies from Electric Brother, NotSoCommonDJ and Sharky (Bass Turbat) couldn’t miss. The visuals are signed by  No Eye Patch.

PAH history started in 2010, when the pilot episode “PAF! Garage edition” was organized in McCann’s Garage

Atelierul de Print is the 1st digital art gallery in Romania, founded in 2010, once with the 1st PAF edition. Atelierul de Print gathered, along the time, a large portfolio of artists and receives nowadays demands of collaboration from young artist from urban and contemporary art. Art prints are sold in limited series and come together with authenticity certificates and artists’ signatures.