ADC*RO School – a new generation of graduated students


After 2 entry sessions, 10 seminaries, 14 weeks of supported creativity and 12 tutor programs from Romanian creative directors, ADC*RO school awarded the best 10 students, during a ceremony that took place at Institute, The Café, where all 39 graduated students were present.

All students that finished ADC School received participation diplomas, while the top 10 of them received awards from Canyon Romania and from Lürzer’s Archive. Moreover, the 10 graduates that had the best results – Alexandru Vasile, Raluca Matei, Bogdan Dinu, Alexandra Popa, Alina Simindrescu, Marian Oprea, Razvan Boca, Bogdan Badiu, Mihai Catalin Iacob and Robert Radu – will benefit of an internship lasting at least one month within agencies such as Friends Advertising, GMP Advertising, Headvertising, Jazz Communication, McCann Erickson, MRM and Next Advertising.

Besides the 10 awarded portfolios, tutors also designated winners for each of the main communication channels. There were offered 2 awards for Best Online (Robert Radu and Alexandra Mihut), Best Print (Alexandru Vasile and Raluca Matei) and  Best BTL (Alexandru Vasile and  Raluca Matei) and one each for Best TV (Alexandru Vasile), Best Radio (Marian Oprea), Best Innovative (Razvan Boca), Best Integrated (Alexandru Vasile). For  Best Radio, the winner also got a special prize: Euro 250 and the ad broadcasted by Radio Guerrilla.

Each year, at ADC School, we learned something. One thing is that I had a lot to learn to be able to teach someone something. Second, that one can be a good teacher only if he is a good person. Third, that it isn’t necessarily good to impose a high standard to have good results because not everybody can be motivated in the same way, that learning is more conditioned by the personality type than intelligence or talent. And this year, the 4th one, I learned that the person that learns is like a machine: if the engine is small, you can’t obtain more by adding more fuel or pressing more on the acceleration pedal. But there can be satisfaction also in the moment when one reaches the destination. You park easier

Sorin Tranca

Tutor ADC*RO School

The classes for the 4th edition of ADC*RO school started on January 16th and covered themes such as market segmentation, the structure of an advertising agency, categories of products and services, social media and design. The classes trained the participants in working on the main communication channels and formed reflexes so that, at the end of school, they would be able to implement all learned concepts. By solving the briefs received during the training period, participants made portfolios of works that were evaluated by the 12 creative directors in order to create a final ranking and to award the best of  them with prizes and internships. The list of tutors and students is available here.

Ema Prisca, President ADC*Ro and tutor of the school, said that 30% of the graduates at the first 3 editions of ADC School got hired in advertising agencies and mentioned some of them are already receiving awards in local and international competitions. She says also that the employment rate among ADC students is unmatched by any educational institution.