The story of Dacia Lodgy launch in Romania, signed by Publicis Events

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Dacia and  Publicis Events worked together to make official the launch of the new Dacia Lodgy model on Romanian market, after Publicis Events won a pitch related to this in May.

The dare of the pitch was to create a special concept to allow the launch of the newest Dacia model during a national scale event, to cover simultaneously towns like Bucuresti, Constanta, Iasi, Cluj and Timisoara.

Exclusively dedicated to national and local press, the 5 launch events had as a central message the familiar message of the new Dacia car.

Conceived and implemented by Publicis Events, the event transformed the idea of drive test in a travel story through Romania for the Lodgy family. The presentation included live simultaneous transmissions from Dacia showrooms in Constanta, Iasi, Cluj and Timisoara, rebuilding the holiday itinerary of Lodgy family and focusing on new Dacia’s qualities: extensive space for passangers and their luggage, confort, navigation system and reduced fuel consumption.

When you have a big family, the luggage for travel is always occupying a lot of space and can become a source of discussions, as everyone has the tendency to take with him more things than really needed. But a Dacia Lodgy has so much space that the compromises are disappearing and the travels, doesn’t matter how long, are becoming extremely comfortable. The implementation of the event represented a real dare, as it was ran simultaneously, via live transmissions, in the 5 biggest Romanian towns

Miruna Sandulescu

Account Director Publicis Events

The concept Publicis came up with convinced us both through originality and the pertinence of the scenario, that focused in a proper manner on the new Dacia model’s attributes

Silviu Sepciu

Chief Communication Department Dacia

Publicis Events team that won the pitch and implemented the event included Gabriel Constantinescu – Managing Director, Miruna Sandulescu – Account Director, Andreea Nedelea – Senior Account Manager, Cristian Balaci – Senior Producer, Ionut Craciun – Producer and  Bogdan Voina – Account Manager.

Dacia team launching the project and worked on its implementation included Silviu Sepciu – Chief Communication Department product and brand, Anca Oreviceanu – Communication director Grup Renault Romania, Roxana Evanghelie – communication responsible  Dacia, Luiza Domnisoru – Chief PR services department,  Cristina Vaduva – PR Specialist, Monica Ionita – PR Specialist.