4 Romanian agencies worked on Experience Hotel for Grolsch (Ursus brand)

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4 Romanian agencies worked on Experience Hotel for Grolsch (Ursus brand), with Grolsch Experience Hotel project surprising the relation between time and creativity through the eyes of 14 participants.

The experiment, that took place in the beginning of May, took place in a location in Bucegi Mountains and reach to its finals, with the conclusions included into Grolsch Experience Hotel documentary. Through its projects, Grolsch proposes an innovative marketing approach that focuses on consumers that likes to experiment things.

Grolsch Experience Hotel represents a space totally cut out from exterior reality, in which 14 people forced their creativity limits during 4 days. 3 mins daily videos in which the ones involved will tell stories about their experience will run daily, until June 27th, on Discovery Channel. The entire documentary can be seen on Grolsch YouTube Channel.

By making this project, we aim to underline the promise as sponsor of creativity that Grolsch is making to its target public, non-conformist young people attracted permanently by contemporary art and experiments. Moreover, we wanted to create the premises of obtaining valuable insights about the creativity this young public is proving

Gabriela Cretu

Global Brands Director Ursus Breweries

For this exercise to have an as powerfull impact as possible among target public, Grolsch chose to use rich communication mix

It isn’t simple to develop a project that contradicts, in many ways, the classical marketing tactics. But now it is the moment for marketing to reinvent itself and to rethink the way it creates interactions between brands and loyal consumers. We had the pleasure to work for partners that were extremly open to experiment and that made all the difference

Andrei Lascut

Brand Manager Grolsch

 Grolsch is a brand built with a lot of courage, on a new marketing model, a brand that doesn’t only promise, but also does good things, challenges to experiments. We are happy this experimental platform, Grolsch Experience Hotel, to which we are working for over 2 years, was launched and not in any way, but through an exercise of suspending the time

Razvan Matasel,

Partener Arsenoaiei & Matasel

Arsenoaiei&Matasel was the agency that developed the creative concept of the campaign.

In realizing the experiment, Grolsch worked together with Arsenoaiei & Matasel, Pepper Communication, Kubis Interactive and The Practice. Also, in the experiment, there were involved Dan Petre, sociologist and doctor in communication science, and Mugur Ciumageanu, psychologist, psychotherapist and anthropologist.

Alexandru Ghinea, Senior Events Producer Pepper Communication, thinks the main challenge consisted in creating a functional space to answer fit fully to the concept Grolsch Experience Hotel. He said a geographically, phonic and visually isolated spot was looked for so that the 14 participants won’t get any external stimulants to help them get clues on time.

The location chosen for Grolsch Experience Hotel was used for accomodation and space for creative challenges and workshops dedicated to the ones that said “yes: to the experiment. Besides tat, the organizers made a special space outside of the “hotel” where to host every day over 60 people: scientists, video directors, bloggers, journalists, actors, different workshops and crafters, techical staff and Grolsch representatives.

The project, as a whole, was an experiment outside of time also for the entire BTL team involved. During almost 4 days, 24/24, we coordinated over 18 workshops, 20  microbuses, over 300 people that transited the location, in order to maintain the atmosphere beyond time lines

Alexandru Ghinea

The dare started when we opened the brief.doc. Very conceptual, but how do we translate an experience versus time in digital, when, wherever you look, you see a time, an about one minute ago, a tweet from 5 hrs ago? We started from the insight that the time is dissapearing when you let yourself absorbed by what you like and we started to build, looking many times introspectively to our personal relationship with time. Beyond out contribution to what it meant communication before and the streaming during the event, we implemented a normal tie between Grolsch Experience Hotel and the launch of the documentary, a Facebook app, The Experimentalist Canvas, an infinite canvas of User Generated Content, in which time to draw is generated randomly for ones that access it. The integrated purpose of the campaign is realizing an infographic to show that both creativity-time tie, but also to decline the conclusions made by Mugur and Dan about the online experiment. Besides everything, it was awesome to work together in implementing a very indie project, that gathered so much force and through which, surprisingly or not, we managed to forget about time – in a few moments we are too emotional to remember

Florin Ivan

Group Account Director Kubis Interactive

PR-wise, the Grolsch Experience Hotel brought some other dares.

It was very interesting for us, as a PR agency, to make known the action of a brand with a target that grows continuously, apparently, only on niche publications. We managed though, through the implemented tactics, to expand considerably project’s visibility, keeping the relevance for Grolsch

Oana Bulexa

Head of PR Department The Practice

The stars of the projects were Ana Botezatu, illustrator, Bogdan Serban – Radio Guerilla, Cristian Neagoe, Cristian LupSa, Vlad Tausance and Vlad Ursulean – journalists,  Doru Trascau – artist, Dan Ungureanu – painter, co-founder  Ioan Cotulbea – cofounder Artskul Georgiana Toea,  TATAIA magazine, Ioana Blaj – actress, Luiza Zan – jazz singer,  Constantin Nimigean – editor LOVE ISSUE magazine and Madalina Dan – coreographer.

 The teams involved in the campaign are:

  • Grolsch: Gabriela Creţu – Global Brands Director Ursus Breweries, Andrei Lascut – Brand Manager Grolsch, Andreea Munteanu – Junior Brand Manager.
  • Arsenoaiei & Matasel: Emilian Arsenoaiei – Partener, Razvan Matasel – Partener, Ioana Proca – Client Service Director, Edouard Coubassa – Head of Art, Stefana Popa – Community Connector, Sandra Ghitescu – Community Connector
  • Pepper Communication: Alexandru Ghinea – Senior Events Producer, Adrian Marlogeanu – Event Manager, Sorina Mihai – Managing Director, Cristian Paraschiv – Junior Account Executive
  • Kubis Interactive: Florin Ivan – Group Account Director, Cristi Pavel – Account Manager, Laura Ionescu – Creative, Ioana Enache – Creative, Alecs Stan – Art, Camelia Cucolea – Art, Andrei Bilan – Art, Costel Chirica – Flash developer (aka Saru Zaru), Sebastian Popa – Developer, Ovidiu Mihalcea – Developer
  • The Practice: Gabriela Lungu – Managing Partner, Oana Bulexa – Head of PR Department, Monica Jitariuc Soare – Head of Social Media Department, Sorina Daescu Topceanu – PR manager, Viorica Schipor – Social Media Executive

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