Western Union launches an anti-fraud campaign


Western Union launched “Beware of frauds” campaign, aiming to inform consumers about measures they can take so they won’t become victims of fraudsters when making money transfers. The campaign is supported, on visual side, by 6 drawings made by Ion Barbu that illustrate the most frequent fraud schemes and ways consumers can identify them so they won’t be victims.

As provider of financial services, Western Union gives a lot of importance to protecting its consumers. But it is a regrettable reality that, oftentimes, legit services are used to run fraud activities. That is why we decided to launch “Beware of frauds” campaign, through which we aim to increase the information level of our consumers about different types of frauds, but also on alert signals they have to take in consideration to make safe money transfers

Daniela Budurea

Country Director Western Union Romania & Bulgaria

Campaign’s drawings illustrate 6 schemes of most frequent frauds: online second hand car offers, cheap to rent or to buy apartments’ online offers, online auctions for different products, prizes or visa lotteries, abroad jobs offers and winning surprise prizes .

Western Union, which offers its clients reliable services to send money to family or friends, runs the campaign in Romania and Bulgaria, in August-September 2012.