The Public Advisors generated “Welcome Home” 1M views for bam boo

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The Public Advisors handled, between July 15th – August 15th, the launch and communication project for the new bam boo Romania home deco store in AFI Palace Cotroceni.

During the campaign period, the project accumulated over 1M views in social media.

With a new concept and a new interior design scheme, the dare launched by the agency was to communicate the new shopping experience in a memorable way, maintaining, in the same time, the values in bam boo slogan: “Welcome Home”. The results of the campaign showed the fact that this concept was an inspire choice

Mariana Dragan

Marketing Manager bam boo

The launch of the new bam boo store in AFI Palace Controceni was made with a mix of social media (70%) and traditional media (30%). The selected tactics included PR – different media relations and press releases depending on press type (deco, lifestyle, glossy, business), bloggers relations (lifestyle, deco, fashion), PR blitz targeting press redactions and bloggers, social media accounts’ management and contest management for bamboo fans, and BTL – a VIP evening event and a general public opening event.

The communication strategy was developed starting from the “New house party” concept, declined afterwards in all tactics: customized invitations, people asked to bring new house gifts, all people participating to the event were given a tour by hosts and so on.

To generate big social media coverage, bloggers invitations were special: 1 written part and half of a bam boo object. Bloggers had to find the half of their object and come to the event together with the blogger that had it in order for the invitation to be valid. This mechanism generated over 200 posts in social media and activities on bam boo Facebook page had a accumulated 1M views reach.

Half of object was send along with the invitation also to journalists important for the brand (deco, lifestyle, glossy, business), but they had to present the half of object at entrance.

According to The Public Advisors, the curiosity related to these half objects generated a higher participation to the event than confirmed on the phone.

The Public Advisors team working on the project included Lidia Pitulea – Project Manager & Senior Public Advisor, Petre Gheorghe – BTL Manager, Sorana Ionita – Senior Public Advisor, Simona Andreea Jecu – Public Advisor, Florina Natu – Public Advisor, Raluca Barbu – Junior Public Advisor and Corina Pirvu – Junior Public Advisor.