Some ads do not use properly Romanian language – report


Romanian Academy, through it Language Institute, and Romanian National Audiovisual Council recently released a report that shows Romanian TV’s use in an improper manner Romanian language in their program and also shows that Romanian language isn’t spared from harm either when it comes of commercials..

The report analyzed the usage of Romanian language by TVs and radio stations, with some less popular media being dropped from the study and new appeared ones – such as TVR Info, Digi 24 or Romania TV – being added instead.

The report included two stages, each including around 300 hours of monitoring for prime time broadcasts, mainly news and debates. The language analysis included mainly verbal interventions and written messages (subtitles or crawls), that enter under the responsibility of redactors and contributors from the monitored TV stations. Compared to previous reports, this time it was also analyzed the quality of the Romanian language used in commercials.

A series of mistakes were identified in the report, from misspellings and pleonasms to wrong usage or wrong pronunciation for certain words.

The report authors targeted this time also the commercials, that run in the same form on different TV station. According to the report, some of the mistakes were text without Romanian specific diacritic signs, accord errors and the misuse of “maxim/maximum” adverbs.