Romanian museums, to launch a campaign to promote via printed press

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Starting September 3rd, Romanian National Museums Network (RNMR) launches a promotional campaign via printed press, in partnership with Romania Libera daily and under the tag line “I’m a museum object, looking for a visitor”, according a press release posted on RNMR’s website. During the campaign initiated by RNMR,  Romania Libera daily will present, during working days, on its front pagei, an object from a Romanian museum.

For 58 days, every day, a representative object for the collections in the 58 RNMR museums and art galleries will tell its story, aiming to motivate the readers to visit the museums that own the shown artefacts.

During the campaign, each object will became a character enticing the visitors to come along and see it in real life, by offering interesting information, less known or even amusing, in a try to make the public engage with patrimonial and museum objects.

This is the 1st national campaign to promote museums ever done in Romania and a first both for Romanian press and also for the museum’s communities.

The project is made with support from National Cultural Fund Association (AFCN) and in partnership with Romania libera daily.