real,- Hypermarket relaunched its own brand of sliced toasts

Branding, Marketing

Real,-‘s own toast sliced bread was relaunched in 4 different pack variants (Classic, Integral, Graham and Rye). The bread is produced in Romania and its recipe was developed to fit  customer’s needs.

Many clients have told us they want no-preservatives slicedbread, that should still maintain the characteristics and the freshness as long as possible. So we have dropped preservatives from the recipe and we have chosen instead to innovate the packaging: the double wrap that keeps the bread fresh longer. In addition, the modern production technology gives the bread a validity term of 23 days. The slice has also been resized, so that now it is optimal for sandwiches and fits best in toasters

Raluca Mandoiu

Category Manager Own Brands real,- Hypermarket Romania.

real,- Quality is a brand owned by real,- Hypermarket, offering an alternative for the top quality branded products (“A” brand), but up to 20% cheaper. The diversified range of real,- Quality articles include both foods and non-foods.

real,- Quality brand is represented by over 600 articles within the campaign taking place these days in real,- stores under headline of “Hundreds of products at unexpected prices.” The campaign targets over 2,000 low priced products (1184 food items and 868 non-foods), most of which provided by Romanian suppliers.