Scarlett NY brought to life some of Bergdorf Goodman’s most extravagant window displays


Scarlett, the New York-based design and VFX studio, has brought some of Bergdorf Goodman’s most extravagant window displays to life for the film “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's”, a documentary that celebrates the iconic retailer’s 111th anniversary and is debuting tonight at New York Fashion Week 2012.

Director Matthew Miele approached Scarlett to design the main titles and all the animated sequences in the film, including a one-minute sequence showcasing some of the retailer’s most memorable displays.

We were very excited to be a part of this film with Matthew (…) The film’s high-end fashion and beauty subject is perfectly in line with our aesthetic and expertise.

Wendy Brovetto

Managing Director

The segment opens with the Gothic splendor of alchemist Douglas Little’s windows, segues into a glittering, deep blue undersea world, a white-on-white wonderland, a brass menagerie of metallic, tropical birds, cheeky Post-it note artwork and a burlesque carnival, and many other lavish displays.

Working from a library of photos of the retailer’s most elaborate creations, Scarlett’s team, lead by Creative Director Johanna Marciano, sectioned each image into planes and isolated little details to transform the still images of couture outfits and antiques into rich, three-dimensional environments through motion design and animation in AfterEffects, Photoshop and C4D.

Scarlett’s team kept the movements understated – butterflies flutter their wings, cards fall from the sky, lights glow to life – in order to emphasize the elegance and craftsmanship in each fashion tableaux. They also added subtle and easily overlooked movements so the film’s audience will have something new to discover upon each viewing.

Scarlett is a design and visual effects boutique staffed with artisans that specialize in beauty and luxury advertising. From our conceptual design to our visual FX and photoreal CG, Scarlett is poised to service every format of design and production. Scarlett and its affiliates under the Lively Group umbrella are certified by WBENC and the NY State Department of Economic Development as as a women owned enterprise.


Segment from “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's”

Client: Bergdorf Goodman

Director: Matthew Miele

Design and Visual Effects: Scarlett