Agricola Bacau has a new identity, made by BrandTailors

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Agricola Bacau, one of the biggest chicken meat producers in Romania, ended a rebranding process and adopted a new corporate identity, that is different from the product one. The rebranding was made by Romanian BrandTailors and had an Euro 200,000 budget for  concept and rebranding implementation.

Agricola's rebranding is inspired by the values and the 50 years history of the company, with the new image focusing on freshness, as main attribute associated by consumers to Agricola's products, but also on tradition and authenticity.

The main novelty after finalizing the rebranding is adopting a corporate identity for partners that is different from consumers' brand identity.  The corporate identity monetizes on a powerful Romanian symbol, a modern representation of a Romanian treasure.

The rebranding process is the result of a differentiation strategy through which we aim to relevantly communicate with our consumers and our partners. The image of the product brand – heart of freshness – is coherent with the way our consumers see us and with their expectations (…). The corporate brand (…) brings in discussion the historic heritage of the company and the respect towards the profoundly Romanian values

Grigore Horoi

President Agricola Group of cos.

The new corporate and brand identity were made by BrandTailors and will be promoted in store and POS communication. Afterwards, there will be use PR tactics and ATL activations targeting consumers and partners, with a new communication campaign soon to be announced by Agricola.

For Brandtailors, Agricola is more than an unique rebranding project on Romanian market, Agricola means a 1st for the branding industry, showing the evolution towards projects with an unmatched complexity and coverage until now.

Agricola is a project made more than perfect, inspirational and innovative, according with what we aimed for since we started our collaboration. We are proud to have worked with the Agricola's managerial team members on this project and we trust their professional ability and personal involvement in developing this brand, as they did since we met them for the 1st time

Beatrice Danis

Managing Partner BrandTailors.

The new identity was 85% implemented until now, by changing products' packaging and making a new coherent image in Agricola's stores. The total value of the rebranding process, completed with an ATL communication campaign and promoting Agricola's new image at international level will reach Euro 1M.

Agricola is one of the most important chicken meat producers in Romania and the main abroad exporter in this category. The company celebrates, in September, 20 years since it started its activity.


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