Cocoon Group redesigned Becherovka Lemond 19%’s label


Cocoon Group, international branding agency with offices also in Romania, was commissioned by the Czech beverage company Jan Becher  (part of Pernod Ricard) to create the new label design for an exceptional limited edition Becherovka Lemond 19%, distributed in Czech Republic.

Creating a beer with less alcohol is part of the company’s strategy to get the bottles back to the market after the government’s temporary prohibition of the sales of beverages with 20% or more alcohol in their composition. Jan Becher managed to balance the formula of Becherovka Lemond in order to reduce by 1% the alcoholic content without compromising the characteristic flavor of the product.

Cocoon Group had come up quickly with a graphic solution for a packaging that would show clearly to the consumers the composition of the beer: the 19% Limited Edition stamp on the label, along with minor visual modifications on the design.

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