Transparent House visualizes place-based Screen Marketplaces for RMG Networks

Ads, Creativity

Creative studio Transparent House (TH) worked with  RMG Networks (RMG), a leading travel media company, to produce a brand film presenting a high-tech virtual world that would allow RMG’s different business partners to visualize how custom messaging appears across the company’s key networks.

RMG operates and powers digital media networks within the air travel industry.  Across more than 2,000 aircraft and 120,000 place-based screens, the company reaches more than 35 million monthly viewers.  The company also provides technology and professional services for global companies looking to enter the digital signage market, and works with leading global advertising agencies and top U.S. advertisers in industries that include consumer goods, auto, finance and technology.

The project, envisioned as sales tool that RMG would be able to customize, faced many constraints, including time, as well as potentially costly production involving filming in an airplane and an airport lounge.

The standard TH project workflow involves story-boarding  creating animatics, and handling final rendering.  Using its main tools Autodesk 3ds Max, and Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, artists in TH’s San Francisco studio created quick mock-ups for the storyboard, then began modeling full industrial environments in 3ds Max.  As part of its hyper-real style, TH also famously uses live-action photographic elements within its projects to heighten realism.  For this project, TH arranged a one-day green-screen photo shoot within its affiliated, full-service video and photo studio, Transparent Space. Using the Canon 5D Mark III, TH’s principals photographed male and female models in business attire and in various poses and lighting setups.  These images were then artfully placed and composited into the CG environments of the animatics and the final content.

With offices in San Francisco, Moscow and Berlin, Transparent House (TH) is the next-generation creative studio that excels at the intersection of digital, art, and commerce. Specializing in the creation of stunning 3D assets, branded environments and high-end retail developments, TH employs strategic digital innovation and 3D for high-profile, future-looking brands. With design and 3D in our DNA, TH is equally adept in creative development as well as production, all of which happens around the clock through the company’s interconnected global network.