Scion and ATTIK show Scion Story” in a new “What Moves You” cross-media brand campaign

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Global creative agency Attik made the latest brand campaign for the Scion line (Toyota Motor Sales US).  Elements from this new “What Moves You” campaign are already up in US in targeted television, cable, print and online media outlets, along with many out-of-home placements in high-traffic locations in major U.S. cities.

Since the brand launched nearly 10 years ago, Scion has had an affinity for the creative arts that has resulted in helping more than 1,700 artists follow their passions (…) Our support of emerging artists is and always has been a cornerstone of the brand and we bring that to light by featuring them and their personal stories as key parts of the campaign

Owen Peacock

Scion national marketing and communications manager

Specifically, “What Moves You” campaign incorporates Scion creative partners, their stories of what moves them and how Scion has supported them to achieve their goals. The broadcast spot features Scion collaborators like artist, Neil Krug and automotive designer, Troy Sumitomo, professional racing driver, Michele Abbate and musician Prince Terrence and his band Hussle Club.

Search the world for an automotive brand that deeply invests in the passions and creative interests of young would-be buyers, and you are sure to find yourself immersed within the Scion Story (…) This newest campaign is aimed at honoring and celebrating the brand’s dedication, and reminding the world that Scion is totally tuned-into the passions of young people.

Simon Needham

ATTIK co-founder and executive creative director

On Scion’s website, redesigned by Attik,  Scion Story appears prominently.

The work of photographer Bill Cash is featured in the campaign’s print elements.  For the broadcast spots directed by Simon Needham through Blueyed Pictures, production credits include executive producer Jamee Natella, line producer Jon Goldberg, and director of photography Damian Acevedo.  The spots’ graphics and visual effects are courtesy of executive producer John Denis, producer Francine Marchetti and VFX supervisor Aaron Powell of Pixomondo, and telecine was handled by Clark Muller of Incendio.  The music track “Movement in Motion” from Scion-supported band Static Revenger appears in the spot, and post audio credit also goes to Jason Harcharic of Beyond Marketing Group.

For ATTIK, along with Simon Needham, Michelle O’Hea and Ron Lim, credits go to interactive creative director Jacob Ford, senior copywriter Mike Brenner, senior art director Greg Coffin, senior art director David Ziganay, director of broadcast Patty Lum, and planning director Tonia Lowe, to name but a few.