Strategic partnership Carpatcement Holding and Romanian Rescue Association to increase employees reactions during emergencies

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Carpatcement Holding closed a partnership with Romanian Rescue Association (RRA), the biggest NGO specialized in emergency interventions. The partnership will help group’s employees to increase their intervention capacity in emergency situation, consolidating the promise to maintain safety at work.

The 1st activities took place during “Security and Health at Work Week” and consisted in organizing practical demonstrations related to interventions and first aid in emergency situations. The demonstrations made by RRA were completed with practical exercises in which Carpatcement Holding employees were involved.

Besides that, over 1,500 employees and partners of Carpatcement, Carpat Beton, Carpat Agregate, Recyfuel and Carpat Cemtrans participated to a series of teoretical and practical events focused on promoting safety while driving and on highlighting health risks coming from affections such as diabetes and cardiac diseases.

The week also included a contest with prizes during which over 85 kids draw and came up with messages related to kids desire that their parents would be safe at work and come back home safely .

The events were organized in the same time in all 40 countries where HeidelbergCement is present.