, the 1st social network in Romania dedicated exclusively to mums

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Starship Media launched, the 1st social network in Romania dedicated exclusively to mums, a network that comes to round up “Totul despre mame” (All about mothers – n.r.) platform, that involves, until now, a parenting website and a TV show, announces a press release (via Chinezu) appeared as an answer to mother’s need to communicate and to exchange expertise, and targets everyone that want to be part of a community based on common interests.

The network starts from the concept that the mother and child are a whole and what’s important for the kid is essential for his mum. That is why the structure of the network is innovative,  including a double profile,  with the mother managing her kid’s page, marking important moment from his life in a timeline and customized actions on his page. This way, also functions as a family album, with photos, movies and most precious moments from kid’s evolution.

Mums keep and share with each other the most beautiful and emotional moments in their lives, can keep a micro-journal where they can ask questions to specialists and can create customized pages. A special attention was given to security, with each mother being able to mark exactly where she draws the line between public and private. comes as a normal completion of complex product dedicated to mums. All about Mothers show is already in its second season and it’s a reference start point for Romanian mums. The website offers, for almost a year, daily quality content for mothers, gathering over 1,500 articles dedicated to parenting and a community of over 40,000 mums on the website and website’s Facebook page. With the experience gathered during all this time and knowing very well our public, the normal step was to create a platform through which this community would interact, exchange ideas and experience. We chose the formula of a social network because we considered it the closest to the real needs of our target, and means, in the same time, a personal space and an interaction one. We are sure that those 3 directions – social network, website, TV show – represent the winning formula to be market leaders on the parenting niche

Dragos Gurarosie,

Executive Director Starship Media. was developed by Starship Media with support from Artech Software.

The teams involved in the project:

  • Starship Media: Dragos  Gurarosie – Executive Director, Dana Dragomirescu – project manager, Despina Badescu – project manager, Irina Achim – project management launch, Denisa Nastase – design
  • Artech Software Development: Cristina Foarfa – creative director, Andrei Gheorghe – technical director