TokyoPlastic join Passion


tokyoplastic directors joined Passion for workdwide representation.

tokyoplastic was formed in 2003 by Sam Lanyon Jones and Andrew Cope, born out of a fascination with contemporary Japanese culture, art and design. In addition to their prodigious animation output which includes award winning commercials for Nike, Fanta and Toyota, and several short films they also produce vinyl toys (

We have always been hugely ambitious with our work and in the last few years we’ve focused more and more on character, narrative and performance. Passion is at the forefront of CG animation, doing some of the best character work in the business and, like us, are constantly striving to produce the best work, both technically and conceptually. By collaborating with Passion we believe we will be able to raise the bar on our own projects and we are looking forward to facing the new challenges we need to evolve as directors.

Sam Lanyon Jones