Graffiti BBDO and Petrom launched a new communication campaign

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Graffiti BBDO and Petrom launched a new communication campaign that bring into the spotlight the respect for responsible leaders and for the inspiration they offer to the ones around them, through a new communication campaign, “Performance inspires”.

The start point of the campaign is the need for leaders built not only through numbers and economical performance, but also through perseverance, the desire to go beyond limits and the power to inspire others.

As main investor in energetic sector and the largest private employer in Romania, we acknowledge that a responsible leader makes efforts every day, even in difficult situations, to generate a relevant change. Beyond presenting Petrom’s realizations, the new campaign rewards the trust of all leaders around us, no matter we are talking about leaders inside the company or about our business partners. From the Olympic awarded trainer to community leaders yet unknown, they are the ones that inspire us to force the limits of performance every day

Iliana Stanculet

Corporate Brand Manager Petrom.

The founding idea of the campaign is the need of leaders and models Romania has.

Romania needs not just one leader, but many of them and Petrom is one of them. An economic leader that relies on all leaders from inside a company as big as a country. The essence of the campaign is the essence of the leader concept, defined by his role, not by his business card

Stefan Chiritescu

Head of Strategy Graffiti BBDO

The ad and visual executions aren’t following the usual logic of a corporate campaign, as Chiritescu explained. “The campaign isn’t about grandeur, it is about work, success, performance, responsibility, with all these values and credos expressed in an authentic manner”, he added

We live in interesting times, as an old Chinese proverb says. Times in which real values have more and more difficulties to come forward. That is why we chose to speak about leaderhip. And not the one in the management books and MBA’s classes, but about the leadership of ordinary people. The ones that know to make their projects reach the proper end, no matter we are talking about a constructions team leader that is in charge with rennovating a school or the engineer that supervises a world drilling record. We chose to tell the story of Petrom performance through the leaders that made that possible, inspiring the company to want to reach further every time and to offer more

Mihai Gongu

Creative Director Graffiti BBDO

The new campaign has, as a participant, Octavian Bellu, the trainer of Romanian Olympics gymnastics team, supported by Petrom during the last 3 years.

After 20 years of international performances, I can say leaders are created only through sustained work and the power to follow models where others think it is impossible. I believe in leader’s power for Romania’s future, reason why we are happy to support now also the performance in business, in the new Petrom campaign

Octavian Bellu

The teams working on this campaign included

  • Petrom: Iliana Stanculet (Corporare Brand Manager Petrom), Livia Fericean (Project Manager Corporate Branding, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Department Petrom).
  • Graffiti BBDO: Mihai Gongu (Creative Director), Stefan Chiritescu (Head of Strategy), Alexandu Strimbeanu  (Group Creative Director), Alexandru Malaescu (Art Director), Cristian Scurtu (Copywriter), Liviu Isop (Head of AV production), Ioana Ghilerdea (Account Director),  Cristian Gomoi  (Account Manager), Iulia Manolachi (Account Executive), Mircea Tomescu (Managing Director Graffiti PR).
  • Production house: Mitra Film/ Abis Studio
  • Director: Enelio Farina.