Evolio launched the 1st Romanian cloud video-conference service

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Televoice Grup launched a cloud platform for unified communications and video-conference.  The novelty of the system is represented by providing professional video-conference services based on a structure accessible via internet.

Low costs, zero initial investment and the compatibility with any kind of device make from this service the 1st formula really accessible to small and medium companies when it comes of using professional video communication.

Evolio offers a software that, once installed on a tablet, smartphone, PC, notebook or any other device, allows users to access, through internet, the video-conference system.

The main advantages of the solution are HD image quality, encrypted secured communication, the option to interconnect with any device and the guarantee of quality and continuity of the service. For video-conference terminals, the service is available in Telepresence mode, with full quality image ( FullHD 1080p at 30 frames/s).

Another big competitive advantage is that the service facilitates conferences with multiple participants, that allows up til 60 participants simultaneously.

The services available are Cloud-Zoom, exclusively for video communication, or Cloud-MultiCom, that offers all the elements of an unified communication system: Video, Voice, Instant Message, Presence and Content Sharing.

We mark today an absolute first not only in Romania, but also in Eastern Europe. We are in Post PC era full transition: from company servers to cloud, from tens of pieces of software and licences for one work station, to apps as services. It is the moment to say good bye to telephonic centrals and expensive video-conference systems. Today, Evolio raises its banner on the high ground technology field: cloud communication system, an unified communication system, accessible, easy to use and compatible with a diversified range of devices

Liviu Nistoran

CEO Evolio.

Cloud communication infrastructure was developed in partnership with the global leader in video-conferencing solutions, Polycom INC, following an investment of Euro 500,000.

The prices for using the system start from Euro 15 for tablets and smartphones and reach to Euro 45 for HD video-conference terminals.