Young Creative Chevrolet 2013 is all about football

Creativity, Marketing

Chevrolet officially launched Young Creative Chevrolet (YCC) 2013, the seventh annual art and design contest for European students of applied arts, with the creative theme – “The Football Phenomenon” – challenging young artists to explore the enduring popularity of this global sport.

Through our football sponsorships, we are delighted to get closer to the game and its billions of fans around the world (…) We believe our commitment to football and continued support of up-and-coming artists will make for a powerful and especially interesting YCC year.

Susan Docherty,

President & Managing Director Chevrolet Europe

The theme of YCC 2013 is football: the game, its fans and the passion, with the briefs for this year’s four YCC applied arts disciplines aiming to celebrate and provide unique perspectives on the phenomenon of football.

  • Fashion – design an eye-catching, sporty outfit that captures the spirit of the ultimate football fan; the outfit will be worn to showcase a new Manchester United Special Edition Chevrolet Aveo.
  • Photography – beyond the glamour and thrill of professional football is the essence of the sport – the teamwork, the discipline, the grace under pressure. The assignment is to go back to the basics and capture an image that sheds light on football’s universal appeal.
  • Video – The assignment is to create an upbeat, entertaining film that explains the rules and world of football to those who do not play or follow the sport. The piece must also try to make them into fans.
  • Visual Arts – The goal is to design, through the use of large-scale stickers, a Manchester United Special Edition Chevrolet Aveo, which will be exhibited at European motor shows. The sporty Aveo should be transformed into a “fan transporter” that takes avid Manchester United fans to the games.

The contest theme was inspired by Chevrolet’s recently announced global sponsorships of premier-league teams Manchester United and Liverpool, as well as the One World Futbol Project, which delivers virtually indestructible footballs to children in need.

Young Creative Chevrolet (YCC) was launched by Chevrolet Europe in 2007 to foster creativity and support emerging artists in the early stages of their careers. The sixth year of YCC was marked by a notable jump in participation, with 280 applied arts schools from 24 European countries taking part.

For YCC 2013, a first jury selection will be made at the national level by June 2013, with a maximum of three prizes awarded per discipline. The winning entry in each discipline will advance to the European finals in July 2013. National and European YCC juries are composed of distinguished artists in related fields, as well as design experts, media professionals and senior Chevrolet officers.