Absolut Vodka launches Absolut Unique, a vibrant experiment with 4M unique representations

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Absolut Unique is a new limited edition from Absolut Vodka, inspired from a provokative idea transformed into an artistic experiment. Annually, each limited edition is writing special pages in brand’s history, with creativity and unconventional.

The experiment started from the desire to reinvent creativity and offer an unique experience to each consumer. Therefor, there are 4M of different Absolut bottles, an unique collection of colors and style so each brand fan can have its own unique bottle.

To obtain the unique design for each collection bottle, Absolut engineers and artist modified the entire production line, obtaining complex models on each Absolut Unique bottle: 35 unique colors and nuances on which were applied 51 different models. The unique bottles come each with their own number.

Absolut Unique is a daring combination between a scientific experiment and a street art one. At the end of the 1st day, the production line was looking more alike an artist’s studio than a distillery. Until now, Absolut worked with international artists for the limited edition but, this time, the artist was the brand itself. Our consumers are unique, so we wanted to offer each of them an unique bottle (…)

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