2Parale: Black Friday increased 15 times online stores’ sales

Business, e-Commerce

On Black Friday, through 2Parale, biggest affiliate network in Romania, there were generated sales increased 15 times compared to the ones made during an ordinary Friday. This way, 200+ stores present in 2Parale registered, during a single day, 9,477 orders with a total value of RON 3.2M.

Compared to a normal Friday, online stores sales increased exponentially, especially after the first hours of November 23rd. In the end of the day, through 2 Parale and the 14,600 people in the affiliate network, the total value of orders reached to RON 3.2M, while the commissions were of RON 156,000 (Euro 35,000).

The traffic for online stores in 2Parale increased on Thursday and culminated on November 23rd, gathering, only through the affiliate network, 1.13M clicks in 24 hours, a volume that outranks the traffic generated during 2 normal weeks.

Astonishing is a word that can describe what happened on Black Friday, as one of the advertisers in 2Parale also said after viewing the results we brought. It was an unprecedented marketing action in Romanian online, which proves the potential of the e-commerce and affiliation markets. It was a day that we prepared for very serious and we think the results were visible

Dorin Boerescu

CEO 2Parale.

During Black Friday, 2parale.ro was up 99,8% of the time (1,437 minutes). During the same day, many online stores couldn’t be accessed because of the high traffic.

Books and IT&C products were among the most brought via 2Parale, together with clothes, shoes and accessories, as some stores offered discounts that went up to 90% from the initial price.

2Parale is the 1st and biggest affiliate network in Romania, online since December 2008. It has in portfolio 230 campaigns and 14,600 affiliates that delivered over 57M clicks and generated for advertisers sales of RON 37M. It is also the only affiliate marketing network member of IAB Romania.