Breeze Mobile: Romanian prefer Samsung smartphones and Android OS

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Breeze Mobile, recently launched on Romanian market, released an infographic related to Romanians’ usage habits when it comes of smartphones.

When it comes of the segment of population using smartphones, Breeze Mobiles sees its mostly used by people with an average age of 34y.o, from which almost half (46%) have higher education.

Samsung is most prefered by Romanian users when it comes of smartphones, with 34% of them choosing this brand, followed by Nokia (25%), iPhone and HTC (14%) and LG (8%).

Most Romanians have running on their smartphones the Android operating system and 22 apps in average. Among the apps available on Romanian smartphones, 12% are paid and only 4 are used on regular basis.

Romanians are using their smartphones to check news and meteo (49%), games and entertainment (54%), social media (57%), music and radio (60%) and apps, IM, email and chat (76%).

Half of Smartphone users in Romania (51%) have a medium interest for apps, while 39% say they are very interested in those.

The internet traffic on Romanian smartphones is 90% via wi-fi and 10% via telecom networks.

When it comes of localization services, 10% of Romanian smartphones owners already use them and 37% intend to do so in the near future. QR codes are yet a mystery, just 1% using them, but it seems they will take off soon, as 34% of users say they intend to use them.

From the total number of users, 91% search local info on their phones: 44% accessed a company page, 42% visited the company they searched for, 34% made aquisitions and 27% made a phonecall to get in contact with it.

Romanians use most their smartphones at home (85%) and while are on the way from one place to another (72%), at work (63%), while using public transportation (49%) or while they are in store (42%).

Breeze Mobile made the infographic using as sources GfK, Unlock, TNS and Google.