eRepublik to establish worldwide stability with a summit in Bucharest

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eRepublik organizes, on December 8th, the 1st Worldwide Stability Summit, where it will have present the most influential political and military leaders in game’s New World. The summit is bound to be crucial for the future of the alliances and world stability in eRepublik, with participants scheduled to discuss new rules of engagement and draft new strategies to be followed in battles.

All the discussions will be centered around the New World, the virtual universe of eRepublik, one of the most popular strategy games created in Eastern Europe.

Starting 2007, when was launched eRepublik, the 1st MMORPG developed by eRepublik  Labs, the map of the New World suffered dramatic modification. Today, the game has over 4M players populating over 70 virtual countries, over 3,000 officials elected each month and thousands of battles fought every day

More than anything, eRepublik represents a special universe, with a community that decides everything that happens inside it (…) Therefor, it was normal for its leaders to get together to discuss global alliances and military strategies. Referring to the real world, we are very happy of the Summit, especially as this was our 1st try to create a MMORPG game. It proved to be an extraordinary experience and helped us build an unique community

Alexis Bonte,

CEO & co-Founder eRepublik Labs.

eRepublik Labs has a team of over 50 people based in Bucharest and Madrid. The company has in development a series of new and interesting project, among which expanding eRepublik universe and creating new and captivating worlds.

Last year, eRepublik Lans focused on improving game experience and increase players involvement. eRepublik also prepares to launch a new interface and a new design war module, based on PVP.