real,- Hypermarket supports students education, through dedicated internship program


Starting this fall, real, – Hypermarket Romania, has initiated a partnership with the universities, where students at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest can participate in programs within the company. The pilot phase of the project, which took place in October-November, had encouraging results, which demonstrate the utility of such programs.

In the pilot phase, students have mainly worked in the Purchasing department at real,-, in stages of three weeks each, guided by experts from the commercial team (category managers and specialists). Students had the opportunity to get familiar with the specificities and the culture of multinational organizations, to be aware of the specific workflow, directly helping the employees of the department in carrying out their daily work. At the same time, real,- employees have positively evaluated the mission of tutoring and the assistance received from practitioners, also being able to identify those students which have the potential to later join a big company.

 Such projects are, in fact, acts of mutual generosity, in which everyone wins, and this encourages us to continue and expand the program and beyond. We enjoyed a lot seeing students happy for having made contact with a new domain that they actually came within a professional organization that they have learned on person how people work here, not just from books. We tried, and we think we made it, to give them the chance to be part of a dynamic team, to provide them useful information and to host them with hospitality

Cristina Filip

Department Manager HR Development real,- Hypermarket