23 Communication Ideas, awarded for the best TV ads, at ADC*Ro Awards 2012

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23 Communication Ideas, the ideas shop launched in 2006 by Bogdan Naumovici, got the big prize in TV during ADC*Ro Awards 2012, with 2 ads created for its client Unicredit Tiriac Bank.

23 Communication Idea was designated the big winner in its category by a jury that included 15 Romanian creative directors and presided by Tony Segarra.

Also, Bogdan Costin, copywriter within the agency, was designated The Copywriter of the Year during the same gala.

It isn’t the 1st  achievement with such an impact, we did got a lot of times prizes for the best ads, prints or campaigns of the year, which culminated with the awards for the best campaign and best spots of the decade, that we were awarded last year. But this year’s prize is special from multiple points of view. First is because it comes in the middle of a crisis which isn’t only financial, but also one of courage from clients or of creativity from agencies. Secondly, the recognition comes in a very difficult category, that is usually creatively dry, financial-banking services. And 3rd – because it is the 1st edition of Art Director’s Club Awards and I am happy for the recognition received from my industry colleagues, the best creative directors in Romania

Bogdan Naumovici,

Founder 23 Communication Ideas.

 We were very happy for the prizes received last night, as my colleagues from UniCredit Tiriac Bank and UniCredit Consumer Financing marketing teams got involved with all their heart in this project, and 23 Communication Ideas understood perfectly the brand positioning and the messages we wanted to send. The campaign and the ads were specially tailored for the Romanian public, for which finding some ingenious and unexpected solutions is a characteristic. We wanted to show people there are viable alternatives for their short term financial needs and we wanted to send to them this message in a way relevant to them, with typical Romanian humor, bearing the signature of Bogdan Naumovici. This combination proved to be a winner and we are honored that, last night, we were together on the same stage to celebrate the success of our common efforts. We thank Bogdan and his team

Anca Nuta

Identity and Communication Director UniCredit Tiriac Bank.

The teams working on the winning campaign were

  • 23 Communication Ideas: Bogdan Naumovici – Creative Director, Bogdan Costin – Copywriter, Radu Roman – Art Director, Diana Oanta – Brand Communication Director and Raluca Borascu – Brand Communication Manager.
  • UniCredit Tiriac Bank: Anca Nuta  – Director Identity & Communication, Anca Popa – Senior Associate Marketing & Segments Retail
  • UniCredit Consumer Financing: Raluca Semen – Marketing Director