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All News, Digital & Media, Romanian digital platform dedicated to children’s literacy, is launched on April 15th and aims to reach children and teens with new and exciting stories, written, audio and AI illustrated.

According to PISA 2022 results, Romania is 2nd last place in EU in terms of reading literacy, with circa 50% young people unable to understand the meanings behind written words. Other statistics show less then 5 mins reading a day for the average Romanian and highlights 93.5% do not read a single book a year, with just 6.2% reading books regularly.

MiniPoveș invites children and adults alike on a journey of learning and creativity.

The stories, published weekly, are written by Mihai Mănescu, Romanian author, screenwriter and film producer, and communication specialist, working in the field of education.

“MiniPoveș aims to give children the chance to see reading as a gateway to fearless adventures and life lessons shared with gentleness and humors, that they can understand for themselves from the story, not having it explained to them. Because, when the protective umbrella of parenthood is no longer present, I would… I would like young readers not to abandon their books in some forgotten corner of the world, but to hold them even closer, like dear old friends of adventure,” says Mihai Mănescu.

The first 12 stories, specially designed to support the development of reading skills and comprehension among children, will be also available on YouTube and Spotify. In addition, each story is accompanied by educational materials for both home and school use.

In addition, will include reviews of new children’s books published in Romania, providing parents and educators with valuable recommendations for reading for young children. The site is also adapted for children with special needs, such as dyslexia, visual or hearing impairment, as well as motor disabilities.

The project aims to address the literacy deficit in Romania, reflected by the significant percentage of functional illiteracy and the declining interest in literacy interest in reading, evidenced by the low number of books purchased annually by Romanians. is developed under the aegis of the Association and co-financed by the National Cultural Fund. The project does not necessarily reflect the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. Content and results of the project are the sole responsibility of the grantee.

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