The Soul of Romania Festival to take place end of April, @ Savarsin Royal Domain

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2nd edition of the Soul of Romania festival is scheduled to take place during last weekend of April, at Savarsin Royal Domain. The event is concentrated in 2 days and encourages Romanian artisans to connect to the community, helping people to discover small local producers, authentic traditions and customs of the Romanian village.

Initiated by supermarket chain Profi, the event brings together small local producers, skilled craftsmen, an outdoor cinema with Romanian films, popular dances and concerts.

“We are glad that the Soul of Romania festival is already becoming a tradition started by Profi to connect us with everything that makes us good and beautiful, in a place with a special historical charge. We seek to pass on to current and future generations those tastes and customs that define us as Romanians and that are good for us. In the last weekend of April, we bring together organizations and people who take care of the community and learn from each other how to put soul into Romania”, conveys Călin Costinaș, Deputy General Director of Profi.

There is no entry fee and all festival activities are free.

The event encourages the community to connect to the authentic values, good tastes and traditions of the Romanian village through experiences lived in a natural setting in which the rural world is recreated. The Profi initiative is part of the tripartite agreement “We Grow Communities”, signed by the Association of His Majesty’s House, the “Mihai I” University of Life Sciences in Timișoara and the Profi chain of stores, for the support of local producers and the preservation of authentic and traditional Romanian handicrafts.

At the official opening of the Soul of Romania festival, on April 27, from 3:30 p.m., Her Majesty Margareta, the Custodian of the Crown of Romania, Prince Radu, several officials and central and local authorities confirmed the presence.

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